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Happy Friday the 13th! Are you super-kitty-stitious?

Hello, kittens. It’s one of my favorite days of the year… Friday the 13th. So many silly superstitions about this day, just like there are silly superstitions about black cats. Meowww!

Don’t be afraid of black cats—we’re no different than any other purrrfect feline, regardless of the color of our fur. Don’t judge a book—or a kitten—by its cover, right?

Speaking of covers… check out the adorable cover for Of Curses and Charms, Sister Witches of Raven Falls, Book 2.

Isn’t it delightful? I do love a good curse. And Summer, the sister featured in this story, has a doozy. She can see the future, and things are not catnip for her and the sisters.

Charms come in handy, I suppose. Not as handy as having, say, a genius cat hanging around, offering advice, but you never know when you might need a protection charm to keep an evil wizard away from the ones you love.

Because it’s such a fun day, and I’m an awesome cat, I have a special present for you. You can get Of Curses and Charms TODAY (official release isn’t until September 24th!) AND it’s purrfectly priced at ONLY 99¢! That’s a savings of $2 off the retail price!

Get it early. Get it on sale. Win-win. I’d call that good luck for your Friday the 13th!!

Until next time,

Godfrey 💜🐾💜

Meet Spring Whitethorne, Kitchen Witch & Cloverhand…

Godfrey: Meow, my purrfectly cool friends! Today, we welcome Spring Whitethorne to From the Cauldron with Yours Truly <Cheshire grin> Spring, tell us how did you get your name?

Spring: I was born in the spring, the last of the four of us sisters, and Mom was big on using the seasons of our birth. I’m definitely named after my favorite one! I love spring so much with all the fresh, new beginnings.

God: Enlighten my awesome readers about your special skills and talents.

Spring: I’m a kitchen, or green, witch. I love spending as much time as I can in nature and the kitchen. Growing herbs and flowers is my passion, and I create specialty products for our Lotions, Potions, and Herbs line at Conjure, our metaphysical store. I’m also a big baker, so I make yummy treats like breads, muffins, and cookies, too.

God: And your magickal skills?

Spring: I can freeze people—mostly it’s an automatic reaction in stressful situations, so I’m still learning to control that. I also read tea leaves, and I’m a cloverhand—someone who communicates with fairies.

God: Interesting. What kind of messages do you receive from tea leaves?

Spring: Usually future events. For instance, I recently read Tristan McGregor, Raven Falls’ police chief’s, leaves. It wasn’t good.

God: What did you see?

Spring <biting her bottom lip>: A Grim.

God: For those who don’t know what that is, could you describe it?

Spring: It’s usually a black dog, sometimes thought to be a hellhound. It portends a person’s death. But don’t worry, I’m going to keep Tristan safe. Plus, there’s a big secret about him that I’m keeping…one that’s going to come out sooner or later. <leaning in and lowering her voice> He’s a shifter, but he doesn’t know it!

God: So you talk to fairies and see Grims. Have you been sniffing too much sage?

Spring <laughs>: I wish! It’s great for clearing negative energies, but no. Fairies are real and they leave me gifts. In fact, they, along with all the animals in the forest behind the shop, commune with me at times. They warn me of approaching danger or reassure me when things are safe and sound.

God: Do you believe in love? Soulmates?

Spring <blushing>: Yes, of course.

God: Have you found *the one*?

Spring: Maybe…but he doesn’t believe in magick. Gonna be a tough sell to get him interested in me, I’m afraid.

God: What is your biggest goal in life?

Spring: Heavy questions! I guess I just want the freedom to be myself. To not have to suppress my innate magick or pretend to be someone I’m not in order to find a great guy and live happily ever after with him and my sisters.

God: What makes you happy?

Spring: That’s easy! My sisters, magick, and food! J Also, Tristan. <silly grin>

God <rolling his eyes>: Thank you for joining us today on the blog. Good luck with that portent about the chief, and oh, by the way, when are you getting that familiar of yours to shut up? He drives me crazy!

Spring <chuckling>: Hoax is one of a kind, that’s for sure, but I don’t think even the power of the four Whitethorne sisters can ever keep the Irish curses from rolling out of his mouth. Thanks for having me, Godfrey. See you at the shop!

If you’d like to read more about Spring, Hoax, Tristan, and me, Godfrey, please visit

See you next time on From the Cauldron with Godfrey!! 🐾💚🐾

From the Cauldron with Godfrey: Cats should be worshipped!

Once upon a time, in ancient lands, cats were worshipped as gods. Can you believe it? Those ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Norse folks had it right. All are renowned for revering cats as deity.

I couldn’t agree more! I’m pushing to bring cat worship back. What do you think?

Here are some of my favorite historical facts about the smart humans in those ancient civilizations:

  1. The Egyptians revered several cat goddesses including Bast. While some cat goddesses like her were depicted as warriors who defended the people, others were revered for the everyday basics of living they provided. This included catching mice and rats and simply curling up with their favorite human for a nap!
  2. The Greeks worshipped cats, thanks to the goddess Hecate. She supposedly turned into a cat to escape some mean ol’ god trying to kill her. That’s right, she was a shapeshifter, but did she turn into a dog or a bird? Pul-lease! No, she became a cat, because, obviously, cats are superior!!
  3. Freyja was the Norse goddess of magic, divination, war, wealth and fertility. Her chariot was pulled by two spectacular gray cats who were gifts from Thor. Did he give her dogs? Nope! Cats were so revered in the Norse culture, farmers left food offerings for cats because they believed this would ensure their harvests were bountiful.
  4. The Chinese cat god was Li Shou. He was the guardian of families and protector of the crops. He was so honored, you can still see depictions of him in thousands of statues of the guardian lions throughout China. How cool is that?

Still not convinced? How are cats superior?

In all kinds of ways. Let me extol their virtues!

For one, studies prove they love humans more than food, toys, and even catnip. That’s crazy but true!

Also, humans owned by a cat are more intelligent! Again, there are scientific studies to confirm this, and I do like my science. You can’t argue with that!

Adopting a kitten or older cat from the humane shelter? Good for you! There are too many being euthanized and they long for someone to take them home and love them. The great thing is that, on average, cats are cheaper to adopt than dogs!!

Plus, cats take up less space and live longer. They don’t bark, they smell MUCH better than dogs, and you don’t have to walk them. Give them a sunny windowsill and scratching post, and meow! You’ll have a content and happy mouse terminator and foot warmer for chilly nights.

Best of all? Cats make the BEST memes! What more do you need?

Yes, it’s time we brought back cat worship, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a genius (Did you know I’m Einstein reincarnated?) or because GOD is part of my name. Cats really are one of the most exceptional, honored, and revered animals on the planet. Take it from me—I am a genius after all!

🐾 Until next time, this is Godfrey, meow-god of the Whitethorne Nation, signing off from the cauldron 🐾