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Ghosts + a wedding

Ghosts and marriage…what a combo, right? How would you feel if a few ghosts showed up on your wedding day to shoot your intended?

I love writing the Confessions of a Closet Medium series, and Wedding Bells & Psychic Spells was no exception. Ava (the reluctant ghost-whisperer) and her friends have the craziest experiences, and I feel like I'm watching a movie play out when they take me along on each adventure.

For this story, I had to research Prohibition and gangsters, how to set up a moonshine still, and figure out a way for a dead witch to terrorize one of the secondary characters. The book releases at retailers on October 3rd. You can preorder it in my store and get it three weeks early (plus SAVE $1), or sign up for any of my tiers to get early access next month free.

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Summer is winding down, but the heat is still a killer. I'm staying in with our pets and writing. What are you doing to end your summer?

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