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Witchy Candy Shop Mysteries

In the quaint community of Enchanted Haven, where every day feels like a bewitching celebration, a candy-coated mystery is about to unfold…

Tricks and Treats book cover

A Witchy Candy Shop Mystery

Candy and Creeps book cover

Candy and Creeps, Witchy Candy Shop Mysteries, Book 2

Gum and Ghouls book cover

Gum and Ghouls, Witchy Candy Shop Mysteries, Book 3

Sweets and Spirits Book cover

Sweets and Spirits, A Witchy Candy Shop Mystery, Book 4, by Nyx Halliwell

Sugar and Shudder book cover

Sugar and Shudder, Witchy Candy Shop Mysteries, Book 5

Bonbons and Bones book cover

Bonbons and Bones, Witchy Candy Shop Mysteries, Book 6

Sister Witches of Raven Falls

Welcome to Raven Falls, where four sisters—Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter—run their witchy shop, Conjure, and find themselves up to their magical tea cups in murder, mystery, and romance!

Confessions of a Closet Medium

Don't miss out on Ava's adventures as she returns to her small hometown of Thornhollow, Georgia, where mystery, murder, romance, and a little bit of down home Southern cooking are always on tap.

Sister Witches of Story Cove

Once upon a time in a small town called Story Cove… 

Four magickal sisters, plus their family, find themselves in very real, living versions of their favorite fairytales.

These stories come with princes, poison apples, and shape-shifting wolves, but also murder, mystery, and—let’s not forget—magick. Enchantment abounds as they fight evil, break curses, and navigate the modern dating world, all while searching for their personal happy endings.

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In addition, one of the big name retailers requires exclusivity, and all of them have terms of service and rules and regulations that make it challenging and time-consuming for an indie author to navigate the publishing world. Most of us would MUCH rather spend our time creating more stories for YOU, rather than trying to jump through the hoops at the retailers. Buying direct from your favorite authors (where available) helps ensure that an author you love is not subject to unexplained account closures, withholding of royalties, censorship, and other issues that can affect their livelihood. I've experienced ALL of these. By buying direct, you help put control of my work back in my hands - and I can continue to create more.

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