We hit the list! – Nyx Halliwell Author

We hit the list!

We did it, Kittens!!!

Nyx and I are thrilled to have been in the BLACK CAT CROSSING box set with Poison Apple Potion, Once Upon A Witch, Book 3, and thanks to many of you, Nyx became a…

USA Today bestselling author!


It truly was a team effort and we're so glad to know the other talented and hard-working authors in the set.

Thank you to everyone who supported Nyx and I hope you enjoy all the fun, kitty-centered stories!

Godfrey πŸ’œπŸΎπŸ’œ

P.S. If you didn't grab your copy yet, you can still get it for Halloween!

πŸˆβ€Amazon: sweetpromisepress.com/CatKindle

πŸˆβ€Apple: sweetpromisepress.com/CatApple

πŸˆβ€Nook: sweetpromisepress.com/CatNook

πŸˆβ€Kobo: sweetpromisepress.com/CatKobo

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