Holiday magick is in the air… – Nyx Halliwell Author

Holiday magick is in the air…

Hello, kitten.

It's almost Christmas, and no matter what holiday(s) you celebrate, I hope you're surrounded with the magic of this season!

I'm so excited to announce that I have a new, magical REAM subscription.

Do you love my stories? Would you like to get them sooner than at retailers?

If you love sweet, paranormal cozy mysteries with a hint of romance, hop over to and hit the Follow button!

Upgrade to one of the paid tiers and you get early access to all new releases, as well as exclusive stories, recipes, puzzles. It's only $5 a month for my Cup of Catnip level and $7 for my Furry Tales level.

I hope you'll check them out. I'm adding full-length books to the Furry Tales level this month and continuing into 2024. For only $7/month, you'll have access to all my ebooks and audiobooks, along with exclusive short stories that aren't available at retailers, and the bonus fun stuff.

Soon, I will also have an important announcement about several collaborations I'm doing next year with other authors and a candle maker!

Meantime, I'll be sending out personal emails next month to my paying REAM subscribers, asking for feedback on what YOU want more of. I want you to feel the love and know that my cozy corner is for you. You have input in what you want to read in 2024, so please let me know.

Merriest of holidays to everyone!

Nyx & Princess Winnie

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