Snow – Nyx Halliwell Author


A bad apple is about to ruin Halloween and my fairytale ending depends on the luck of a black cat.

The trouble with my orchard started shortly after hiring a new farmhand to help with the bustling fall season. He showed up with secrets – and a kitten he claims isn’t his. The black cat thinks otherwise and his intentions seem pure, but there’s a rotten apple somewhere and evidence is adding up against both of them.

While my heart has fallen for them, if I can’t root out the magick poisoning my apples, everyone in my hometown will pay the price by falling into an endless enchanted sleep. I’ll need a dose of good luck, and the help of my Sherwood family, to uncover the truth and stop the evil spell.

Read this spellbinding cozy mystery today!

**Note: this story is clean and shareable with younger readers 13 and up!

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