Tricks and Treats, A Witchy Candy Shop Mystery, Book 1 – Nyx Halliwell Author

In the quaint community of Enchanted Haven, where every day feels like a bewitching celebration, a candy-coated mystery is about to unfold… 

Seraphina, a fairytale princess with a flair for creating delicious treats, once enjoyed a happily-ever-after life in a dreamy kingdom…until the death of her best friend cast a dark shadow over her family, and she was exiled to the land of humans.

She's hardly had time to unpack her bags when she and her estranged godmother are offered the chance to open a candy shop. Seraphina’s royal gown is replaced with an apron and her tiara with a candy-striped headband before she has a chance to revive the run-down place with a dash of magic. 

When a local resident is found murdered during a Halloween party, and the evidence points to Seraphina as the killer, she becomes ensnared in a sticky mystery. To clear her name and bring the true culprit to justice, she embarks on a journey filled with candied clues, mystical riddles, and magical mishaps. 

Along with her eclectic godmother, gingerbread men spies, and a flaky ghost, Seraphina discovers that the line between reality and fairytales is more sour than she ever imagined. With every spell she casts and every confection she conjures, she inches closer to unveiling the truth behind the murder…and secretly hoping for a chance at her own redemption. 

The Witchy Candy Shop Series is a cozy paranormal adventure that will enchant readers with its delightful blend of magic, mystery, and a princess's quest for a new kind of happily ever after. Join Seraphina in Enchanted Haven as she proves that even in exile, she is still a royal at heart, wielding a wand of kindness and making candy that tells stories beyond the pages of a book…

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