Readers love Of Curses and Charms! You know why? – Nyx Halliwell Author

Readers love Of Curses and Charms! You know why?

I loved how Godfrey saved the day for the kittens.” ~ Goodreads reviewer

Yes, my purrfect kitty cats, yours truly stars in the second book of the Sister Witches of Raven Falls Cozy Mystery Series!! Meeeoooowwww. With my dashing charm, I save a box of abandoned furballs, and Summer and her sisters are able to nurse them back to health.

I also have a paw in reuniting the lost babies with their mother. But! No more spoilers. You'll have to read the story to meet Snow, St. Hildy, Vivaldi, and the others. Together, we play a sweet feline-licious tune.

What else are readers loving about Of Curses and Charms? Here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

I didn't want to stop reading!” ~ Deborah, Amazon reviewer

“…exceptionally entertaining. Highly recommend!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“…an engaging and fun afternoon read.” ~ JoAn, Goodreads reviewer

Loving this series!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.” ~ Linda, Goodreads reviewer

If you enjoy the genre, you will love this book!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

Ready to read more about yours truly and find out how Summer and her new love interest, Hopper, solve the mystery of a woman’s death? Click here to get your copy today! Read it, enjoy it, and maybe leave a review about how awesome I am? 

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Meow for now,
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