Happy Friday the 13th! Are you super-kitty-stitious? – Nyx Halliwell Author

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you super-kitty-stitious?

Hello, kittens. It’s one of my favorite days of the year… Friday the 13th. So many silly superstitions about this day, just like there are silly superstitions about black cats. Meowww!

Don’t be afraid of black cats—we’re no different than any other purrrfect feline, regardless of the color of our fur. Don’t judge a book—or a kitten—by its cover, right?

Speaking of covers… check out the adorable cover for Of Curses and Charms, Sister Witches of Raven Falls, Book 2.

Isn’t it delightful? I do love a good curse. And Summer, the sister featured in this story, has a doozy. She can see the future, and things are not catnip for her and the sisters.

Charms come in handy, I suppose. Not as handy as having, say, a genius cat hanging around, offering advice, but you never know when you might need a protection charm to keep an evil wizard away from the ones you love.

Because it’s such a fun day, and I’m an awesome cat, I have a special present for you. You can get Of Curses and Charms TODAY (official release isn’t until September 24th!) AND it’s purrfectly priced at ONLY 99¢! That’s a savings of $2 off the retail price!

Get it early. Get it on sale. Win-win. I’d call that good luck for your Friday the 13th!!

Until next time,

Godfrey 💜🐾💜

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