It’s written in the stars! – Nyx Halliwell Author

It’s written in the stars!

Hello, my purrfect kittens. The Whitethorne sisters are back for another mystery! Of Stars and Spells is Autumn’s story, and it’s, well, catnip!

In this latest addition of the Raven Falls series, you’ll discover why Autumn loves the stars so much, and see how she brings soul mates together using astrology. But is she jinxed in her own love life? And what about those zombies she raises in the story? <shivers>  I’m no scaredy-cat, but even I draw the line at Halloween hijinx that include raising the dead.

I do my part, of course, defending her and the sisters from evil, but this may take an extra helping of my favorite tuna to get me to join in the festivities when Autumn starts astral traveling and scaring the poor trick-or-treaters who show up for fun!

If you enjoy a good mystery, star-gazing, second chance romance, and apple cider donuts, don’t miss out on Of Stars and Spells. Check out the excerpt. I swear on my nine lives, you’ll love it!

Of Stars and Spells releases October 22nd…just in time for Halloween! Grab your copy today!

Godfrey 💜🐾💜

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