Poison Apple Potion is in the ALL NEW Black Cat Crossing Anthology! – Nyx Halliwell Author

Poison Apple Potion is in the ALL NEW Black Cat Crossing Anthology!

Are you ready for more fairytale retellings, kittens?

Meet Snow, Broden, and a sassy black cat Jinx in Poison Apple Potion, a short story in the Black Cat Crossing Anthology!

I'm head over paws excited about this story, because I'm a black cat. I know how verrrry special we are.

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And now… a little more about Poison Apple Potion, the third story in the Once Upon A Witch fairytale mystery series…

A bad apple is about to ruin my Halloween, and my fairytale ending depends on the luck of a homeless black kitten.

A fairytale retelling of Snow White! Black cats, magick, and Halloween!

I may have been named after a fairytale, but life didn’t get the memo. Mine even came with a wicked stepmother who left a lasting impression, scarring my renowned beauty.

As luck would have it, I’ve managed to ditch her and surrounded myself with people who care about me, and the orchard my father left me is thriving. However, there may be a bad apple in the bunch that's rotten to the core.

The trouble started shortly after hiring a new farmhand to help with the Halloween season, one with secrets and a cute black kitten he claims isn’t his. The cat thinks otherwise and his intentions seem pure, but the evidence is adding up against both of them.

If my magick can’t root out a malicious poison in the apples, my sleepy hometown may pay the price for revenge. But is my fairytale ending sure to end with a dose of bad luck?

🐾 GRAB your copy today, my puuurrryyy babies! You're gonna love ALL the stories, and how can you beat the price? You can binge read this set for Halloween!

Cuddles and catnip,

Godfrey 💜🐾💜


POISON APPLE POTION, Once Upon A Witch Fairytale Retelling, Book 3

Customers are already pulling into the parking lot, eager to load up on bushels of apples, gallons of cider, and fresh turnovers. I pet Runa's head, nod at Sweet Pea, and face my new farmhand. “Stow your stuff in the barn for now. We'll figure out sleeping arrangements and pay later.”

“Yes, ma' am.” He shifts his backpack higher on his shoulder. “I'm grateful to ye.”

I tilt my chin at the approaching customers. A mother has brought her two kids, both begging to go to Fairytale Land before they pick out pumpkins for jack-o’-lanterns. An elderly couple has their own totes to fill. “Open the gates, keep everyone off Magick Mama, pick up all her apples from the ground and bring them to the press. Your first lesson starts in ten minutes.”

“Magick Mama?”

“The enchanted tree.” I point west to the hill where my oldest dwarf apple resides, her branches in their zenith overlooking the farm. The sun lights up her beautiful leaves and reflects off the fruit hanging from her. “She's the secret to our success.”

Curiosity enters his eyes. “Enchanted, huh?”

“Eek!” A cry and a crash ripple across the place. “Heavens, what is that doing here?”

Bramble, my manager and baker, has jumped off the path from the store to the house and dropped a half bushel of apples. They roll everywhere. She shakes a fist at an unseen culprit. “You’ve jinxed my day!”

The black kitten hightails past, heading for the pasture where Sweet Pea and the other rescues have wandered to.

“Snow!” Bramble cries, glancing my way.

“Best to keep your pet away from my manager,” I tell Broden. “She fears black cats.”

Confusion knits his brows. “The wee one? Not be mine, I’m afraid.”

“You sure?” We help Bramble retrieve apples. “It showed up with you.”

Broden shakes his head. “I’ve not seen her before. Thought she was yours.”

One by one, we place the fruit into the basket and Bramble frowns at our new employee. “Either way, she needs to go. No good can come from a black cat being on the premises.”

As she marches away before I can properly introduce them, I shrug at Broden’s quizzical look. “We should get to work,” I say.


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