Love Beauty & the Beast? How about a witchy spin? – Nyx Halliwell Author

Love Beauty & the Beast? How about a witchy spin?

Hello, kittens!

Godfrey here to tell you about the new fairytale retelling in the Once Upon A Witch Series. You know why I love this story? Because of the BEAST! Rawr!!!

I'm a beast, myself, and I know how it hurts to be misunderstood, just like Leo in this new story by Nyx. He's eccentric, a loner, and he's definitely smitten with Belle Sherwood.

I also love a good read featuring books, and Beastly Book of Spells has LOTS of books in it! In fact, books “talk” to Belle and they tell her plenty of juicy tidbits.

If you enjoyed The Cursed Shoe Fits, you'll be happy to know that Cinder and all the gang are back to help Belle and Leo on their *beastly* adventure, and you'll get to know Belle's Pekingese, Jane Eyre, as well.

🦁🔮 Here's the book description:

I have THE best witchy power ever… Books talk to me.

I’ve been curious about book aficionado Leo Kingsley since we first met, and it’s not only because I want to check out his famous library. My witchy power is aching to see what his books have to tell me.

But things get really interesting when I find a “normal” book. As in mute. As in not speaking to me. This NEVER happens. Needing to know what it has to say, I approach Leo, unknowingly setting off a magickal chain of events that lead to a beast of a secret, and I’m not just referring to the wild animals that begin suddenly attacking the townsfolk.

Can I uncover the mystery of who is controlling them and why? Or will this hairy situation be too much for me to handle?

**Note: While this story is intended for grown-up audiences, this story is clean and shareable with younger readers 13 and up!

The book is FREE in Kindle Unlimited, and it's also available on Amazon. You can even get your paws on a print copy!

I hope you're ready for this fairytale retelling of the beloved classic! Books, magick, and a beastly mystery will create havoc in Belle’s enchanted world!

Godfrey 💜🐾💜

P.S. Don't miss Poison Apple Potion, the next story in this series, releasing next month in time for Halloween!! It's part of the Black Cat Crossing anthology and you can preorder it NOW! The set releases on October 18th, and will be the perfect binge read for Halloween 🎃

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