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What is your favorite treat?

Hello kitten!

If you're a new reader, welcome! I'm Nyx Halliwell, and my sidekick Princess Winnie and I are delighted to have you in our magical space!

And if you're a regular, thank you for being here!

🐈‍⬛ Winnie and I were discussing treats this weekend (because she was demanding more than her normal allotment.) Her favorite, even more than her special fish blend cookies, is catnip. I love chocolate. We want to know what is your favorite treat? Comment and tell us.

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For my paid REAM subscribers, a new Willowbrook story releases this week, too! The Magical Meow-sical Mystery features Ember, Oliver, and of course, Clover. Don't miss it!

We can't wait to hear what your favorite treat is!

💜 Nyx & Princess Winnie 🐾


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