Of Curses and Charms – Nyx Halliwell Author

Of Curses and Charms

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I can see the future, but it can’t help me save my sisters. Or can it?

I’m Summer Whitethorne and I can see the future. Except when it comes to my sisters.

I couldn’t stop an evil entity from taking our mom, and my ‘gift’ feels like a curse since I can’t use it to protect Spring, Autumn, and Winter either. My desire to stay close to home wars with my yearning for marriage and a family of my own someday, but I there’s no way I can leave my sisters.

A vintage necklace gifted to me from handsome antiques dealer, Hopper Caldwell, triggers the Sight and reveals the fact a dark wizard is in town – and may have murdered his wife. Now, she needs me to get the bottom of it and avenge her death.

Hopper is the perfect accomplice in my undercover sleuthing, and while I try to keep him at arm’s length, I’ll admit, I’m head over pentacle for the guy. If only he wasn’t off limits. He’s perfect for me, but I’ve seen his future and know he’s destined to marry another.

When our not-so-covert investigation brings the dark wizard to Conjure’s doorstep, I’ll need my superior charmcasting to avert disaster. With the help of my phoenix familiar, Cinders, can I keep my sisters—and Hopper—out of the dark wizard’s grasp? Or will my gift of clairvoyance curse us all?

**Note: While this story is intended for grown-up audiences, this story is clean and shareable with younger readers 13 and up!

Sister Witches of Raven Falls Cozy Mystery Series:

Of Potions and Portents (Book 1)
Of Curses and Charms (Book 2) 
Of Stars and Spells (Book 3)

Of Spirits and Superstition (Book 4)

Welcome to Raven Falls, where four sisters—Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter—run their witchy shop, Conjure, and find themselves up to their magickal tea cups in murder, mystery, and romance!

Of Curses and Charms is the second book in the Sister Witches of Raven Falls Cozy Mystery Series. Join a set of magickal sisters as they solve paranormal mysteries that fans of Charmed, Hocus Pocus, and The Good Witch will love. ***Bonus recipes and craft instructions in every book!


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