Candy and Creeps, A Witchy Candy Shop Mystery, Book 2 – Nyx Halliwell Author

Candy and Creeps, A Witchy Candy Shop Mystery, Book 2

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In the quaint community of Enchanted Haven, where every day feels like a bewitching celebration, a candy-coated mystery is about to unfold…

As Christmas approaches, Enchanted Haven’s festive cheer is shattered when a beloved resident falls into a coma after indulging in Seraphina’s candy Santas.

Suspicious that the affliction is straight out of a faerytale, Seraphina delves into a swirling confection of puzzling clues and shocking secrets to uncover who might be behind it.

Before she can say ‘Merry Christmas,’ she finds herself face to face with an evil witch from her past looking for revenge.

With Christmas only days away, can Seraphina stop the witch in time to save her shop and prevent a catastrophe? Or will this be the last sweet holiday anyone in Enchanted Haven ever enjoys?

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The Witchy Candy Shop Series is a cozy paranormal adventure that will enchant readers with its delightful blend of magic, mystery, and a princess’s quest for a new kind of happily ever after. Join Seraphina in Enchanted Haven as she proves that even in exile, she is still a royal at heart, wielding a wand of kindness and making candy that tells stories beyond the pages of a book…


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