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Limited Time Sale on Vows & Vengeance!

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, I've put Vows & Vengeance, Confessions of a Closet Medium Book 4 on sale for 99¢ for a limited time. Now's your chance to get it at 80% off!

A Supernatural Southern Cozy Mystery about a Reluctant Ghost Whisperer

Spring is in the air, and so is murder! A time capsule, a cold case, and a three-hundred-year old ghost are about to turn my life upside down.

Mama and Daddy are celebrating their anniversary and renewing their vows. Our town is celebrating an anniversary too—three hundred years after the founders buried a time capsule, we’re digging it up.

Along with the items of historical interest, we get a surprise. The time capsule contains a bloody knife…and a ghost!

Then there’s the skeleton my cat Tabby unearths, hidden under the capsule. Lordy, what's next?

When an unknown entity takes the knife and uses it on one of our own, finding the culprit will tax my ghost-whispering skills, as well as put me at odds with multiple suspects. Can I find the answers to the cold case and bring the guilty party to justice? Or will the knife end up buried in my back, and the ghosts of yesterday haunt me forever?

Grab this humorous mystery today!






“If you like a good mystery, romance, suspense, cats, and ghosts, then this is the book for you!” ~ Amazon review 

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Nyx & Godfrey 💜🐾💜

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