Pumpkins & Poltergeists AUDIObook – Nyx Halliwell Author

Pumpkins & Poltergeists AUDIObook

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I see dead people…and now one’s haunting me.

Aunt Willa summons me home to Thornhollow with a cryptic message about using my ‘gift’ to stop a family curse and save the town. Hours later, she’s dead and Mama swears she heard her arguing with someone before it happened.

When I arrive, my clumsiness brings about a near-death experience, and suddenly, I’m seeing and hearing ghosts everywhere. Even Aunt Willa’s cat is talking to me. 

Uncovering the truth behind the family curse is hard enough, but my gift makes me a target for an angry ghost who’s trying to ruin the biggest event Thornhollow has ever seen…and she’ll stop at nothing to do it.

I’m convinced my aunt’s death was no accident, and if I don’t acknowledge the fact ghosts are real and I can commune with them, I may never discover who murdered her…or stop the deadly poltergeist now haunting me.

Dear reader, please note: This is an AI generated audiobook. It is not professionally narrated and will therefore have a few mispronounced words. The price reflects this and is intended as an avenue for those readers”who have challenges with eyesight, dyslexia, or simply wish to hear the story and cannot afford professionally narrated audiobooks.

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