Hearts & Haunts AI Audiobook – Nyx Halliwell Author

Hearts & Haunts AI Audiobook


When a rival wedding planner is murdered with one of Ava’s bridal shoes at the Hearts Forever Fair, she’ll need everyone’s help—including an angry ghost with a tragic past—to help her prove her innocence and bring the culprit to justice.

The Hearts Forever Bridal Fair is the biggest wedding event in Georgia, making it the perfect time to unveil my new gown designs. It’s also my chance to take Aunt Willa’s business to the next level. The hotel hosting it may be haunted, but not even the spirits who require my assistance will keep me from achieving my goal.

A group of conspirators just might, though, especially after my biggest competitor ends up with a bridal shoe’s stiletto lodged in his throat. When our antagonistic past becomes a hot topic, and my fingerprints all over the murder weapon, I’ll need my guardian angel, cantankerous cat, and an eccentric ghostly detective, to help prove my innocence.


Dear reader, please note: This is an AI generated audiobook. It is not professionally narrated and will therefore have a few mispronounced words. The price reflects this and is intended as an avenue for those “readers” who have challenges with eyesight, dyslexia, or simply wish to hear the story and cannot afford professionally narrated audiobooks.

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